Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Payroll Updates in Peachtree

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Today I want to share some tips from Peachtree about IRS forms, Payroll Tax Forms in Peachtree and Peachtree Tax Service Updates. My recent Sage Software newsletter noted the following information that I would like to share with you for future reference. Many Peachtree users forget that there is a great source of information at where you can find answers to many questions like the ones that follow.

• The black-and-white Internal Revenue Service (IRS) Tax Forms W-2 (Copy A) and W-3 included in the Peachtree 2006, 2007, and 2008 Print-n-Sign Tax Form Wizard are Social Security Administration (SSA) approved.

• These forms are referred to as “laser-printed” and replace the red dropout because laser-printed forms offer superior readability for processing by scanning equipment.

• The black-and-white laser-printed W-2 ad W-3 forms supplied in Peachtree fully conform to the specifications outlined in IRS publication 1411, General Rules and Specifications for Substitute Forms W-2 and W-3.

When attempting to open Payroll Tax Forms in Peachtree, how can I resolve the following errors?

•An Internet connection failure occurred and/or there is a mandatory quarterly update available? It must be installed to continue processing. Do you wish to update now?

To resolve this issue, you will need to open and manually update the Updates.atx file. The first line of this text file should read, “ < cookie last checked=" “01-01-2008” " last updated=" “01-02-2008” " >” (without the spaces). For complete details on how to do this, visit Peachtree knowledgebase and look up article number 21980.

•After installing Peachtree Tax Service Update on my network, one or more of the computers have expired tax forms. When selecting Check for Updates I receive a message stating “There are no updates available at this time”. How can I correct this issue?

The Peachtree Payroll Tax Service Updates are automatically downloaded and installed by the Peachtree accounting software program. The payroll tax forms are installed only on the computer where the tax update was originally installed. For instructions on installing the payroll tax forms on additional computers, refer to article 21526 in the Peachtree Knowledgebase at

Thanks to the folks at Peachtree for sharing these tips in their latest newsletter. I’ll continue to bring you more tips from a variety of sources that I hope you will find useful or timesaving.

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